Meat by Butchery: Sirloin

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Grass-Fed Beef Bavette Steaks
Choice of sizes (approximately 10 lbs.)
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Grass-Fed Angus Beef Top Sirloin Steak
20 steaks (approximately 10 lbs.)
Grass-fed Beef Top Sirloin
8 top sirloins (approximately 45 lbs.)
Grass-Fed Beef Coulottes
15 culottes (approximately 40 lbs.)
Wagyu Beef Coulotte
Approximately 4-6 coulotte steaks (about 5 lbs.)
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Wagyu Beef Whole Top Sirloin
Choose 1 top sirloin or 6 top sirloins (approximately 6-7 lbs. each)
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Wagyu Beef Top Sirloin Steaks
15 steaks (approximately 7.5 lbs.)
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