Warm-Water Rock Lobster Tails

approx. 10 lbs total
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Rock lobsters (also called Spiny lobsters) have no claws, but they do have wonderfully tasty tails. Warm-water lobster tails are often more affordable than the cold-water tails, and are of premium quality. These tails are sweet and succulent and so easy to prepare.

Rock lobster tails are available in a full range of sizes in one ounce size gradations.



Keep the tails frozen until you are ready to use them. Ideally thaw them at least one day prior to cooking, in the refrigerator. To thaw them faster, place them in a plastic bag and immerse in water while in the refrigerator for one to two hours.

Thawing Tips

Shelf Life:

Up to 2 years frozen.


Rock lobster tails can be grilled, steamed, baked or broiled.

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