Low & Slow Sampler

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Our Low & Slow Sampler brings you four different meats ideal for smoking, braising or other slow cooking:

Grass-fed Angus Beef Sliced Bone-in Short Ribs
Iberico Pork Collar (Cabecero)
Grass-fed Angus Beef Cheeks
Wild Boar St. Louis-cut Spare Ribs

You’ll want to take your time with these collagen-rich cuts, so fire up the smoker, haul out the Dutch oven, unearth the Instant Pot, or plug in the immersion circulator. Find recipes & cooking tips below.

Cases of items in this Sampler:
Grass-Fed Angus Beef Sliced Bone-In Short Ribs
Iberico Pork Collars (Cabecero)
Grass-Fed Angus Beef Cheeks in Bulk | Marx Foods
Wild Caught Texas Wild Boar St. Louis Spare Ribs


4 Grass-fed Angus Beef Sliced Bone-in Short Ribs (2 lbs.)
1 Iberico Pork Collar (Cabecero) (2.5 lbs)
2 Grass-fed Angus Beef Cheeks (2.5 lbs.)
1 Rack Wild Boar Spare Ribs (6 lbs.)


  • Individually Vacuum Sealed
  • Frozen


US, New Zealand, Spain

Store frozen meat in your freezer until you're ready to use it, then thaw only as much as you plan on cooking.

Thawing Tips

Short ribs are often braised until they’re fork tender in a flavorful sauce. They can also be slow-roasted or smoked. When roasting these short ribs, because they're leaner than conventional beef, we recommend basting periodically throughout the smoking period, and smoking for less time.

Beef cheeks must be slow braised (either in a pot or sous vide) in order to become tender.

See How to Braise Meat and Braising Liquid Recipes.

Iberico pork collars are delicious slow roasted or braised and don't fall apart when tender so can be sliced against the grain into ½” thick steaks for quick searing. See the recipe for Iberico Cabecero Roast with Chimichurri Sauce.

Wild Boar ribs cook similarly to regular pork ribs. However, their meat is comparatively lean, so it is a particularly good candidate for brining if you're going to roast them. See How to Brine Meat. Wild boar meat pairs well with rich, fruity flavors like red wine, prunes, brandy, and apples. Herbs and spices frequently used with wild boar include rosemary, thyme, and the always game meat friendly juniper berries. See also Rib Recipes.

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