Pacific Oyster Sampler

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Line 'em up and slurp 'em down. Compare the different flavors, textures, and experiences of some of the best Pacific oyster varieties.

Our oyster sampler is a selection of whichever local oysters are popping up in the ocean this week, and right now that includes the following (though substitutes may be made):

Kumamotos - 2 dozen
Shigokus - 1 dozen
Pacifics - 1 dozen


4 Dozen Oysters


  • Sustainably Farmed
  • Live


Pacific Northwest

Shipping Limitations:

Cannot be shipped to to Texas, Louisiana, or Hawaii.


Fresh oysters are best kept alive by placing them in an open container in a refrigerator and covering them with a clean wet towel to prevent them from drying out. Do not keep them in a bucket of sea water, in plastic bags or other air tight containers.

Shelf Life:

The sooner live oysters are consumed, the fresher they will be (especially when you plan on eating them raw). Depending on whether you're eating them raw or cooked, they should remain fresh (when properly stored) for 5-7 days. If they start smelling fishy or if they are open, throw them out!

Despite their reputation for being tricky, oysters are surprisingly easy to open with an oyster knife and the proper technique:

How to Open an Oyster Online Tutorial
How to Open an Oyster (Printable PDF)

Visit our oyster recipes collection for mignonette sauce recipes, grilling techniques, a baked oyster recipe and more!

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My order of 4 dozen oysters arrived as fresh as the day they were harvested. I couldn't wait to eat some so shucked a dozen and opened a great bottle of New Zealand Souvignon Blanc to have with them. I highly recommend Marx Foods for your fresh oysters. You'll not be disappointed.