Mediterranean Mussels

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Mediterranean mussels are beloved in Europe (especially Belgium and France) for their sweet flavor, attractive wide shells and juicy, tender flesh. These mussels are shipped live and fresh with their beards still attached.  Farmed mussels are regarded as a very sustainable seafood choice.

Because these mussels are farmed suspended in nets above the ocean floor, they have a cleaner flavor and remarkably pristine shells that require little or no scrubbing before use.  They are the smallest, most tender size grade (22-34 pieces per lb).

Besides being tender, juicy & tasty, mussels are also quite healthy.  They are low fat and a great source of protein as well as other nutrients like vitamins C & B12, iron, potassium, zinc, etc.


22-34 mussels per pound (approximately 5 lbs.)


  • Live, In Shell
  • Sustainably Net Farmed
  • Small Size Grade
  • Beards Intact


Available year round, but best in the summer & fall.


Puget Sound, Washington State

Shipping Limitations:

We are unable to ship live mussels to Hawaii.


For best shelf life, do not de-beard these mussels until just before you cook them. Store live Mediterranean mussels in a bowl in your refrigerator covered with a damp towel.

For long term storage, leftover mussel meat can be frozen.

Open Mussels: If your mussels arrive with several of their shells open (or you find many of them are open when you get ready to cook them), do not despair.  Contrary to popular belief, they may not be dead, just thirsty.

Briefly rinse (do not soak) all open mussels in cold tap water.  They should begin to close.  If they don’t, try pinching the shells closed. If they remain that way after you let go, the mussel is still alive and can be safely eaten. If not, discard.

For long term storage, leftover mussel meat can be frozen.

Shelf Life:

Up to three days fresh. Three months if meat is frozen, then two days once thawed.

How to Prep Mussels:
These Mediterranean mussels arrive live with the “beards” still on so they will stay fresh longer. Just prior to cooking the mussels these beards should be pulled off. Do not do this very far in advance.

Sort mussels prior to cooking, removing any with shells that are broken or not closed tight. Test any open shelled mussels for signs of life by briefly rinsing them in cold tap water. They should begin to close. If they don’t, try pinching the shells closed. If they remain that way after you let go, the mussel is still alive and can be safely eaten. If not, discard them along with all broken-shelled mussels.

Most recipes call for scrubbing mussels with a wire brush before cooking, but net farmed mussels are often so clean that instead only a quick rinse is necessary.

Soaking live mussels in flour-water before cooking can make them taste and look even better. Read How to Prep Live Mussels for more info.

Mussel Cooking Tips:
Mussels are often steamed until they open. Mediterranean mussels can actually open before they’re fully cooked. This makes them a great choice for dishes where you want to first steam the mussels open, then continue to cook them using other methods. However, if you simply want to steam them until they’re done, continue to cook them until their meat starts to visibly contract.

Mussel meat can be breaded & deep fried, broiled, sautéed, baked, braised, stir-fried or smoked. Because of the quality of their meat, Mediterranean mussels stand up to multi-stage cooking particularly well and can even be steamed open, then have their meat marinated, seared and then braised…all without becoming tough!

Mediterranean mussels’ wide shells make them an excellent choice for mussels baked or broiled on the half-shell, as there’s extra room around the meat for bread crumbs, herbs and other toppings.

Mussels pair superbly well with white wine, garlic, tomatoes and herbs. A common side dish with mussels in Europe is French fries (perhaps with a spicy aioli).

How to Steam Mussels
Mussel Recipes

Mussels That Don’t Open:
It doesn’t happen often, but Mediterranean mussels can actually get glued shut while cooking (this is particularly likely to happen when they’re submerged in liquids) due to a substance on their shells that resists barnacle growth.

If the other mussels in the pot have opened and their meat is cooked, it’s safe to assume closed mussels are cooked as well. Pry them open with tongs, a knife, or fork and enjoy!

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Stuffed Mediterranean Mussels

Best mussels money can buy! I get lucky when I get the big ones . I stuffed them with rice . Been buying it 5-6 years now . We love it !