Russian Osetra 000 Caviar

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Osetra caviar (aka ossetra, oscietre) is considered one of the top three caviar varieties (the other two are beluga and sevruga).  This caviar is harvested from Russian sturgeon (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii) sustainably farmed in the US.

The sturgeon in the farm were originally bred from captured wild Caspian stock.

Osetra caviar from the Caspian sea is currently not legal to export, making this product the closest possible to the Caspian osetra that has been considered amongst the finest in the world for generations.



Refrigerate sturgeon caviar. Do not freeze it.

Shelf Life:

6-7 weeks unopened, 24 hours opened.


Sturgeon caviar is most commonly served on top of salads, soups, blinis, toast, and potato dishes. As a rule, it is never cooked. Flavors it is traditionally paired with include crème fraiche, sour cream, and lemon.

If serving caviar as part of a canapé or as a garnish, expect to get about twenty 1/4tsp servings from a single ounce. However, if you’re serving a caviar course to people who love it, expect to need a half to a whole ounce per person.

Though there is some debate, it is widely believed that serving caviar with non-gold metal utensils (particularly silver) can cause it to oxidize and take on unpleasant metallic flavors.

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