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Portuguese & Spanish tinned fish (conservas) are on a different level than American canned tuna or salmon.  They’re hand packed and processed with immense care and years of culinary tradition with results that are artisan quality - more “fine dining” than “weekday sandwich.

This sampler contains the following varieties:

Jose Gourmet Spiced Sardines

Jose Gourmet Smoked Sardines

La Brújula Ventresca (White Albacore Tuna Belly)

La Brújula is one of Spain’s oldest & most respected tinned fish (conservas) companies.  The quality ingredients they use and time honored traditional skills they bring to bear on them result in some of the finest tinned fish on the market.  All of their seafood is processed & packed by hand.

Jose Gourmet seafood combines highest quality Portuguese-style tinned fish (conservas) with playful Portuguese design & art.  Jose Gourmet provides the art & design, while the fish is prepared by La Gondola, one of Portugal’s oldest conservas producers.

La Gondola has been in production since 1940, using fresh sardines (the catch of the day) when they’re in season and their oil levels are perfect – imparting a more tender texture & better flavor.  They use traditional “pre-cooked” methods that preserve the fish at its peak.


Store tinned fish in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate in a sealed container after opening the tin.


Spanish & Portuguese-style tinned fish (conservas) are cooked and ready to eat right out of the tin. They’re meant to be enjoyed on their own (perhaps with some nice crusty bread or a light salad) or with simple accompaniments rather than as an ingredient, as further cooking them can damage their flavor and texture.

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