Company History

marx history


In 1895, five generations ago, our family immigrated to the United States from Germany and opened a butcher shop in Brooklyn, New York.

They then moved to Shrewsbury, New Jersey in the early 1900s and opened a slaughterhouse and cattle dealing business. By the 1940s the business had expanded into a retail butcher shop and wholesale meat distribution.

Frank Marx (fourth generation) continued the family tradition and grew the company into a large meat processor and distributor by the 1970s.

Frank and his three sons Keith, Justin and Garrett, worked together to evolve the family business in new and exciting directions. Today, the Marx companies are run out of offices in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey and Seattle, Washington.

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The Genesis of Marx Foods

We realized many of the unique specialty products prized in high end restaurants are not nearly as accessible to home chefs. Many people who enjoy dining out also enjoy cooking and experimenting at home, but obtaining obscure or finest-quality food items can be difficult and expensive.

Requests from consumers were piling in, so we opened a webstore offering previously restaurant-only products & levels of quality to home cooks across the country.

With strong ties to a network of expert farmers, ranchers, artisans, fishermen, and foragers, we are able to eliminate the middlemen with a direct-to-consumer distribution model. A higher level of value and freshness is passed on to you.

Our guiding philosophy? A meal can never be better than its ingredients.

We know where each product comes from. Whether we’re visiting the foragers that pick mushrooms throughout the Pacific Northwest or touring cattle ranches in New Zealand, we encourage our vendors to follow best practice standards.

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Marx Imports – Searching the World for the Best

We discovered exciting new specialty meat programs in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, then created a company responsible for bringing them home.

Many of the meats sold on the Marx Foods store are directly imported to the US by Marx Imports.

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North American Meats & More

For over two decades, North American Meats & More, our high-end restaurant distributor, has provided products to fine restaurants throughout the United States. As the name suggests, the company focuses on top of the line specialty & exotic meats, but also offers wild truffles, mushrooms & produce along with other high end ingredients.