Heart Shaped Vegetables

Choose 25 - 100 vegetables
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Choose 25, 50 or 100 heart-shaped vegetables


  • Hand Carved
  • Vacuum Packed


Potatoes contain Vitamin C to prevent browning, no additional ingredients in other hearts.

Shipping Limitations:

Please allow 24 hours lead time to ship hand carved vegetables


Available in eight flavors:

Red Beet
Gold Beet
Candy Beet (pink & white swirled)
White Potato
Yukon Gold Potato
Purple Potato

These brightly colored vegetables have been peeled and then hand-carved into cute heart shapes.  Each heart measures roughly 1” by 1” and weighs approximately 1oz.  Once steamed until tender, you can serve them as you would other veggies for a cute side dish or garnish.



Store vegetable hearts in your refrigerator in their sealed bags until you’re ready to use them.

Shelf Life:

5-7 days unopened.


These heart veggies can be cooked using almost any method you would normally use for the vegetables in question, but we recommend steaming them as the best way to cook them without damaging their appearance.

To speed the cooking process, you can carefully slice them to reduce their thickness by half. It may even be possible to use a mandoline to cut thin slices for other applications.

Once they are tender, you can serve them as you would any other beets, potatoes, turnips or rutabagas. If you would like to serve them with a sauce (for example the potatoes with gravy), consider putting the sauce under them (instead of on top) in order to better show them off.

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