Granulated Pasilla Chiles

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Pasilla negro peppers are so named because of their dark, wrinkled skin resembling a raisin. They are the dried form of the chilaca pepper. They offer mild heat & fruity chile flavor.

These pasilla negro chilies have been ground into a blend of fine flakes and seeds that can be used to flavor a wide variety of dishes more conveniently than whole dried pasilla negro chilies.



Store granulated chilies, chile pieces, and chile flakes in air-tight containers in cool, dry cupboards.

Shelf Life:

Dried chile pieces will maintain their full flavor for at least twelve months.


Pasilla negro chilies are a central ingredient in Mexican moles. In addition, these granules work well used in cream sauces or desserts to add mild heat & rich chile flavor.

They take less time to rehydrate than larger chile pieces or whole chiles, so dishes made with them don't need to cook as long. Alternatively, they can be rehydrated prior to use (How to Rehydrate Dried Chiles) or ground into chipotle chili powder (How to Grind Your Own Chile Powder).

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