Granulated Guajillo Chiles

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Ideal for dishes where one doesn’t want to overpower other flavors, the guajillo chile is a larger chile pepper often used in Mexican cuisine. The second most common chile in Mexico after the ancho, guajillo peppers are usually combined with pasilla chilies and ancho chilies to make mole.

These dried guajillo chilies have been processed into very small pieces that tend to average about 2mm or slightly above in diameter.  Each container includes some guajillo seeds, which are where a large part of their heat is stored.



Store granulated chilies, chile pieces, and chile flakes in air-tight containers in cool, dry cupboards.

Shelf Life:

Dried chile pieces will maintain their full flavor for at least twelve months.


Use granulated guajillos as you would chopped dried guajillo chilies in a variety of recipes. If reconstituting them, they will rehydrate (How to Rehydrate Dried Chiles) far faster than whole guajillos due to their increased surface area.

You can also further break down these chile pieces into guajillo chili powder by grinding them in a spice grinder or cleaned bladed coffee mill (How to Grind Your Own Chile Powder).

Use guajillo chile pieces to add mild heat to soups, salsas, sauces, and even desserts.

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