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Fresh White Oregon Truffles

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White Oregon truffles (Tuber Oregonense & Tuber Gibbosum) are technically two different species that mature at different times of the year. However, they are similar enough that they are sold as the same product. They have a magnificent first impression with their intense aroma. Their flavor is deliciously earthy with notes of garlic and nutmeg.

Oregon truffles do not have the same quality, depth or complexity of flavor that their European counterparts do. They are however a far more economical alternative and a good choice for those seeking to try fresh truffles for the first time.




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Your Oregon truffles will be delicious when you first receive them, but for even better flavor store them in your fridge, check them every day watching for them to “sweat” and become more aromatic. At this point they are ripe and at peak flavor.


How to Store Fresh Truffles - also includes long-term preservation tips.

Shelf Life:

3-4 days.

The awesome aroma & flavor of white truffles can be weakened by cooking, so we recommend adding truffles when the dish is already finished, just before serving. Simply shave them raw over your favorite dish like risotto (try this white truffle risotto recipe!), mashed potatoes, pasta, cheese pizza or even scrambled eggs.

Learn about truffle varieties and get truffle tips and recipes in our comprehensive guide to truffles. Find It Here →

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