Fresh Enoki Mushrooms

approx. 5 lbs total (in 24- 3.2oz packs)
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Approx 5lbs per case. Each case contains 24 - 3.2oz packs.


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An unusually long and thin variety of mushrooms, enokis (aka golden mushrooms, enokidake, velvet stem mushrooms) have a mild flavor and a juicy, slightly crunchy texture. They are grown in tight bunches with their thread-like stems clumping together.



Store fresh enoki mushrooms in your refrigerator wrapped in the micro pore bag they're delivered in.

Shelf Life:

3-4 days.


Cut off and discard the bottom of the cluster of enoki mushrooms (up to the point where individual mushroom stems can be separated). The stems are generally left long. Before cooking or consuming enoki, clean them gently with a damp paper towel to remove dirt. Do not soak them.

While enoki can be eaten raw (often on salads or in sandwiches) many people find cooking these mushrooms makes them easier to digest. Take care to avoid overcooking them, as this can make their stems tough and stringy.

Enoki mushrooms are often served in soups or in stir-fries with vegetables and meat.  In Japan they are a common ingredient in sukiyaki, a one-pot meal where diners simmer the vegetables of their choice and thinly sliced Kobe beef in a communal pot of savory broth.

Enoki mushrooms have a mild flavor that makes them adaptable to a wide variety of dishes.  Common pairings include rice, soy sauce, mirin, dashi broth, ginger, rice wine vinegar, sea vegetables, garlic, miso, tofu, onions, green onions (especially negi – Japanese bunching onions), beef, pork, and duck.

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