Fresh Blue Oyster Mushrooms

2 - 5 lbs
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Blue oyster mushrooms are small, satiny, blue-hued mushrooms with white stems. They are more solid and flavorful than most other oyster varieties. Generally, they taste sweet, shrink little, and hold their shape and springiness when briefly cooked.

Fresh organic king oyster mushrooms are also available.



Store fresh mushrooms in your refrigerator wrapped in a paper bag. For long term storage & preservation ideas, read How to Freeze, Can & Dehydrate Fresh Mushrooms.

Shelf Life:

Up to ten days fresh. A year or longer sliced & dried. Several months frozen.


Blue oyster mushrooms are great for stir-frys, but be sure to cook them gently because while they can take the heat, they might loose their flavor and appearance if cooked too long.

Before cooking, clean them gently with a damp paper towel to remove dirt. Do not soak them.

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