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Silkworm pupae (bombyx mori) are the pupae stage of the caterpillars used to produce beautiful silk thread. Silkworms pupae eat mulberry leaves and spin cocoons of silk. Because silkworms destroy the cocoon when they emerge, they are traditionally boiled before the thread is unwound. The cooked pupae are a delicacy in Thailand and other silk producing areas.

These silkworm pupae have been cleaned, cooked, seasoned and dehydrated. They’re ready to eat right out of the bag! They have a grassy, vegetal flavor and a crisp, slightly chewy texture.

Silkworm pupae are a great source of high quality protein (55.6%), essential amino acids, and linoleic fatty acids. For more detail about their nutritive content, see this study.

These silkworm pupae have been harvested wild from bamboo trees in northern Thailand. They exclusively eat the cores of bamboo trees. They are then cleaned, cooked in a pressure cooker, and then dehydrated. They are processed & packaged in a modern, FDA registered facility that is certified by the Thailand Food & Drug Administration.

Insects may be the food of the future. They’re nutritious, easy to farm, and use much fewer resources than conventional sources of protein like beef or soy.

Note: If you are allergic to shellfish, you might also be allergic to these close cousins.


Store silkworm pupae in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.


Silkworm pupae are ready to eat right out of the bag as a healthy snack.

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