Dried Italian Porcini Mushrooms

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Porcini mushrooms (aka Cèpes, King Bolete or Bolete mushrooms) are perhaps the most beloved wild mushroom in Italy. Their rich, heady flavor and meaty texture are amazingly versatile, delicate enough to give grace to an elegant stew or sauce, and yet vigorous enough to stand up to something as flavorful as a thick grilled steak.

Because each half pound of dried mushrooms was originally as much as five pounds of fresh mushrooms, dried porcinis are an economical way to enjoy this wild Italian delicacy.



Store dried porcini mushrooms in an air-tight container or zip top bag in a cool, dry, dark cupboard.

Shelf Life:

Dried mushrooms will retain their flavor for at least a year, but likely far longer.


Dried Italian porcinis add tremendous depth of flavor to almost any dish. They can be reconstituted before use and added to pasta dishes, steaks, and other entrees or added dry to simmering stews, sauces, soups and braised meat dishes where they will rehydrate and impart flavor during the cooking process.

If you’re rehydrating your wild Italian porcinis separately, be sure to save the soaking water, it can be used as a delicious soup base or in place of stock in a variety of other recipes (it’s especially good in risotto!).

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