Pebble Beans

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At first glance pebble beans make look like a bean blend, but they’re actually an exciting, unique single bean variety. Pebble beans grow to roughly the same size (3/8”-1/2” long) and shape, but their appearance can vary wildly, even between beans growing on the same plant. While some may be single color, others speckled, some black, some tan, some white, they all cook at the same rate and will all have tender skin, dense, meaty centers and a mild flavor.

In short, this one variety gives the beautiful appearance of a bean blend with the consistency of a single bean type.


Store dried pebble beans in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.


Use pebble beans in soups, chili, bean salads and more. They should be soaked & cooked similarly to other dried beans. 1 cup of dry pebble beans should yield approximately 2 ½ cups of cooked beans.

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