Fava/Habas Beans

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Dried fava beans (aka broad beans, horse beans) are large, flat beans with an earthy, somewhat bitter flavor.  They have been consumed since the Bronze Age (possibly longer) and were actually one of the only bean varieties known to Europe before others were introduced from the Americas. 

Today favas remain an important (and delicious) foodstuff in many countries across the world.

Dried fava beans need to be soaked overnight and peeled before they can be cooked.  Pre-peeled dried fava beans (called habas beans) can save time and effort – their skins are already removed and they only need to be pre-soaked for a few hours. 


Store fava/habas beans in an air-tight container in a cool, dark, dry place.


Whole fava beans should be soaked overnight, then squeezed from their green outer skins before being simmered in fresh water until tender.

Habas (whole or split) beans only need to be soaked for three hours before cooking and already have their skins removed.

One cup of dried fava/habas beans will yield approximately 2 ¼ cups of cooked beans.

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