Dried Aji Paprika Chiles

1 - 6 lbs
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Aji Paprika chilies are a large, mild, red variety that can be used to add chile flavor and color to dishes without much heat. Try them in Tex Mex, Mexican & South American dishes.



Store aji paprika chilies in an air-tight container in a cool, dark, dry place.

Shelf Life:

At least a year, likely longer.


Use Aji Paprika chilies anywhere you want to add chile flavor without including much chile heat. Try them in rubs, soups, stews, spice blends, marinades, chili & more. They can be used whole (in braises or soups that will be blended), pureed in soups, stews, wet rubs etc, ground into chile powder, rehydrated & chopped, etc.

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