Diced New Mexico Chiles

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New Mexico chilies (aka California chile, chile Colorado) are red Anaheim chilies that have been dried. They range from five to seven inches in length and are commonly found in Southwestern and Mexican red sauces. They’re mild in terms of heat level and have a flavor that blends pungent, sweet, fruity & earthy

These New Mexico chilies have been diced into large flakes.  This makes them more convenient to mix into recipes than whole New Mexico chilies and faster to rehydrate.



Store granulated chilies, chile pieces, and chile flakes in air-tight containers in cool, dry cupboards.

Shelf Life:

Dried chile pieces will maintain their full flavor for at least twelve months.


Use to New Mexico chile pieces to add mild heat to soups, salsas, rice-dishes and sauces. They can also be used in fish or chicken marinades. New Mexico chilies are an essential ingredient in southwestern red enchilada & burrito sauces. .

Though these chile flakes will rehydrate far faster than whole New Mexico chilies, it is important that recipes they’re added to dried contain enough moisture and cook long enough to rehydrate them.  Alternatively they can be rehydrated prior to use (How to Rehydrate Dried Chiles) or ground into New Mexico chili powder (How to Grind Your Own Chile Powder).

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