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Cuttlefish are cephalopods from the same class as squid and octopus, and taste very similar to squid. Popular throughout Europe and East Asia, they are caught for food in the Mediterranean, East Asia, the English Channel, and elsewhere. These cuttlefish are wild caught off the coasts of Portugal and Spain using trawl nets or traditional pot and trap fishing methods. Cuttlefish ink, called sepia, was once widely used as natural dye, and like squid ink, can be used in cooking to add flavor and color to dishes containing cuttlefish.


5 packs (approximately 18 lbs.)


  • Whole
  • Cleaned
  • Wild caught (FAO 27 & 34)
  • Individually Quick Frozen




Store frozen cuttlefish in your freezer until you're ready to use it, then thaw only as much as you plan on cooking.

Thawing Tips

Cook cuttlefish as you would squid, either quickly at a high temperature so the connective tissue doesn’t toughen, or slowly at a low temperature to breakdown the connective tissues completely. For a quick method, score and marinate your cuttlefish for a couple of hours then flash fry or grill. For the marinade, mix Asian flavors like soy sauce, chilies, and coriander, or go Mediterranean with lemon, garlic, basil, and olive oil. For slow cooking, braise cuttlefish in red or white wine and pair with a smoked or cured meats. Cuttlefish is often used in risotto, added to paella, or grilled and served as a tapa. Breaded and deep-fried cuttlefish is popular in Spain.

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