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Colatura di Alici di Cetara (aka Colatura or “Anchovy Syrup”) is an Italian fish sauce produced by carefully fermenting salted anchovies, then filtering the extract.  Briny, aromatic and packed with umami (and vitamin A), it’s used to bring bold flavor to dishes.

While Vietnamese fish sauces are made by pressing the anchovies, colatura is made by letting the sauce naturally drip out of the aging cask.  As a result it has a lighter color and a more elegant, less intensely fishy flavor (while still being quite salty, like all fish sauces).

Colatura is frequently combined with fresh herbs, garlic, olive oil and chile powder to produce a light but boldly flavorful pasta sauce.  It can also be drizzled (in small amounts) on finished dishes (especially seafood) as a finishing ingredient in place of salt.

Colatura is a highly prized delicacy in Italy, but much less well known in the US.  It may be the (much more elegant) descendant of the ancient Roman condiment Garum.  The modern version was originally developed by the Cistercian Monks of Amalfi.


Though colatura fish sauce is shelf stable, refrigerate it after opening for best quality.


Use colatura as an ingredient in pasta sauces or other dishes to add umami and brininess.  It can also be used as a finishing ingredient.

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