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The 3 ¼” blade of this clam knife is made from stain free, high carbon steel. These knives have been designed for professional chefs and harvesters to use efficiently all-day, every day, without wearing out.

Opening clams is a different process than opening oysters – while oysters are opened through the hinge, clams are opened by pushing the knife between the shells at the side or front.  As a result, clam knives have a different design with wide, flat blades.

These clam knives have handles that are textured to give you a secure grip. They are made from nonporous polypropylene with a perfect seal between blade and handle, making them easier to clean and more sanitary than wooden handles.


Store your clam knife in a drawer, cupboard, etc when not in use.


Manually opening a clam allows you to extract the meat without steaming it first. This allows you to serve young clams (manila clams or littleneck quahog clams) raw* or extract the raw meat for frying, baking, etc.

Many baked clam recipes call for opening the clam and baking the meat (with other ingredients) on the half shell.

See how to open clams for a technique demonstration and tips.

*People with compromised immune systems should not eat raw or partially cooked clams.

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