Organic Red Wheat Berries

10 - 60 lbs
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These high-gluten red wheat berries contain all parts of the wheat berry except the hull. As this includes the bran, they are high in fiber and contain more protein than non-whole wheat flours. Their high gluten content makes them ideal for bread making.


Store organic red wheat berries in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.


Grind or soak whole and add to bread dough, or eat cooked on the stove as a cereal.

For cooking on the stove, first soak 1 1/2 cups overnight in water. In the morning, drain the soaking water, then cover with 3-1/2 cups liquid (stock, water, broth) and bring to boil. Reduce the heat to low and simmer 50 minutes. Drain any remaining water and fluff with a fork. If a more nutty flavor is desired, toast the wheat berries in the oven prior to soaking. Each cup of hard red wheat berries yields three cups of cooked organic wheat berries.