Umami Powder

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Umami powder is a mixture of mushroom powder and salt used as a general purpose seasoning for all manner of dishes. Packed with umami (“deliciousness”) without any MSG, these little granules will add addictive savory depth to your favorite dry rubs, sauces, stir fry, marinades & more.


Store umami powder in an air-tight container (like its bag) in a cool, dry place.


Use umami powder as an ingredient, finishing touch or general purpose seasoning for a wide variety of foods.  Because it already contains a fair amount of salt, either use it instead of conventional salt or taste for salt after adding umami powder to make sure you don't over salt the dish.

Try using umami powder in dry rubs, marinades, burgers, soups & broths, dressings and as a finishing touch (seasoning) for all manner of dishes from roasted vegetables to simple white rice.

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