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Superfine sugar (aka bar sugar, berry sugar, ultra-fine sugar) is conventional cane sugar that has carefully sieved to select only the smallest crystals. Its increased surface area makes it dissolve faster in hot & cold drinks. It also incorporates better in batters, frostings and merengues, which is why it's prized by bakers for baked goods and desserts.


Store superfine sugar in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.


Use superfine sugar as you would conventional granulated sugar. It works particularly well for making meringue and other applications where the sugar must dissolve in cold/lukewarm substances. Superfine sugar can also be dissolved in hot or cold drinks and used to make simple syrup to sweeten drinks, sorbets, or cakes.

Though its crystals are slightly larger, superfine sugar can often be used as a substitute for castor/caster sugar.

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