Organic Spelt Flour

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Spelt flour is often a good alternative to wheat flour for those who are allergic to wheat. While it is not gluten-free, it is easier to digest than wheat flour.

Because both emmer and spelt are higher root-mass crops than conventional wheat, they draw up more of the soil’s nutritious vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than wheat, creating a more nutritious grain (and thus more nutritious flour). Spelt is particularly high in zinc, an essential nutrient tied to better immune system functioning, and demonstrates sustained release of energy as measured on the glycemic index.

This spelt is grown on a family farm on the Columbia Plateau of Eastern Washington, which is known for superior quality cereal grain production because of its arid climate and fertile, mineral-rich soils.

We also sell rolled spelt flakes, whole spelt berries, and cracked spelt cereal.


Please keep spelt flour in a cool, dry place.


Spelt flour can replace wheat flour in many recipes such as bread, cookies, cakes, muffins, pancakes, and waffles. Spelt bread rises differently than wheat bread, so we recommend reading the tips below before baking spelt bread using a wheat recipe.

Tips for Substituting Spelt for Wheat: When baking bread from a wheat bread recipe using spelt as a wheat substitute, you should use 25% less water than the recipe calls for, and keep mixing/kneading times below 4 minutes. The same gluten/gliadin structure that makes spelt a better choice for wheat allergies can break down if over kneaded.

Spelt’s rising time is also shorter than wheat’s. Because of spelt flour’s lower gluten content, you should not let it rise as high as regular wheat flour or it will lose its stability.

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