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Special Edition aged balsamic vinegar offers good flavor at a great price.  It’s also packaged in gorgeous bottles, making it a great gift.

First sweet &fruity, then intensely tart & tangy, it offers a more authentic flavor and ingredients than many balsamic vinegars in grocery stores, while still being more affordable than more traditional options like Oro Nero & vigna-oro-balsamic-vinegar.

This balsamic vinegar is made using a process that involves cooking the 100% Modena grape must under the open sky, then aging with “mothers” from previous batches (preserved heritage balsamic vinegar cultures) in wooden casks. To speed the process, producing good flavor and consistency at a lower cost, the Special Edition vinegar is cooked further down and aged less (only 5-6 years) than most other Compagnia del Montale balsamics.



Store aged balsamic vinegars in a cool, dry place.

Shelf Life:

Almost indefinite.


Enjoy the Special Edition balsamic vinegar as you would other balsamics on salads, in sauces, marinades, with extra virgin olive oil & bread, as a finishing touch for roasted meats & vegetables, etc.

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