Soft White Wheat Berries

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Whole wheat berries are one of the least processed forms of wheat available. They’re the whole hulled wheat grain with the bran & germ included, providing additional nutrients and fiber. They can be cooked whole for hot breakfast cereals, grain salads, stuffing, and grain side-dishes as you would oat groats, emmer berries, spelt, etc. When cooked they’ll have a chewy texture and a nutty flavor.

You can also use a grain mill to grind wheat berries into fresh homemade flour.

Wheat has a different protein content, and thus a different gluten content, based on which of the two growing seasons it was grown & harvested in. Spring white wheat berries are lower protein, higher starch and are ground to produce lower gluten flours, like cake flour, for more delicate applications like pastries, crackers, cakes & flatbreads.

Hard winter red wheat berries are higher in protein and lower in starch, and thus produce strong, high gluten flours well suited to bread making.


Store wheat berries in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.


Soft white wheat berries can be cooked as you would other whole grains for use in grain salads, stuffing, grain side dishes, or as a hot breakfast cereal. You can also mix them into bread dough or muffin batter to add texture and fiber.

These wheat berries can also be ground to produce whole grain flour. This flour will be a “softer” flour with less gluten than flours made from hard winter red wheat berries.

Basic Stovetop Cooking Technique:

for a nuttier flavor, toast the grains in a dry pan over medium-high heat before cooking them.

Pour three cups of water and one cup of wheat berries in a pot. Bring the liquid to a boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer & cover the pot. Simmer 60-90 minutes, until the grains are tender. Then drain off any remaining liquid & fluff the grains with a fork.

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