Smoked Sea Salt

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This sea salt has been naturally cold smoked over alder and hickory wood chips. It contains no artificial flavorings. Its flavor, aroma, and color are lighter and more complex than salts that have been infused with liquid smoke. Actually smoked salts are less likely to overpower other ingredients then their flavored counterparts.

Coarse smoked sea salt has large crystals suitable for sprinkling on finished dishes as a visually appealing finishing salt.


Store smoked salt in a cool, dry place.


Smoked salt can be used to bring smoke flavor and aroma to dishes without smoking them yourself or using liquid smoke or bacon. Try adding smoked salt to soups, stews and chilis instead of plain salt. It also pairs well with seafood and meat that is traditionally available smoked like wild salmon fillets, Kurobuta pork (particularly pork bellies) and sturgeon.

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