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Mesquite flour has a warm, sweet, slightly smoky flavor and is naturally gluten free. It can be used as a protein supplement, a sweetener for beverages, as a flour in gluten free baking recipes, or to replace some of the flour in traditional wheat-based baked goods.

Mesquite flour is an excellent source of fiber. It’s also rich in protein, calcium, potassium, iron and phosphorous. Its slight sweetness is from fructose rather than sucrose and its soluble fiber content slows the absorption of its nutrients, allowing for a more controlled blood sugar curve than wheat flour.

Mesquite flour is produced by drying & milling the pods produced by the Peruvian mesquite (algarroba) tree. This flour is ground from pods collected by small producers operating in the native mesquite forests of northern Peru’s Piura region. It is kosher and certified USDA Organic by Control Union Certifications.


Store mesquite flour in an air-tight container in a cool, dry, dark place.


Mesquite flour can be used as a beverage sweetener (it’s traditionally added to fruit juices), protein powder, or flour in gluten free or wheat-based baked goods. It can also be sprinkled onto food as a seasoning.

The flavor of mesquite flour pairs particularly well with cinnamon, chocolate, and/or coffee.

When baking with mesquite, use it as up to 30-50% of the flour blend. Since mesquite is higher in sugar than other flours, baked goods made with it can burn more easily if overcooked. Try baking at a slightly lower temperature or check for doneness more frequently to prevent burning.

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