Mint Herb Crystals™

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Mint Herb Crystals™ are coarse light green crystals with a crunchy texture and a sweet, lightly minty flavor. They are hand crafted in small batches from fresh mint and pure cane sugar. They have a gentle, harmonious herby-mint flavor rather than an intense menthol-mint flavor.



Store Mint Crystals™ Basil in an air-tight container in a cool, dark, dry place.

Shelf Life:

Approximately six months.


Mint Herb Crystals™ can be used as a finishing touch/garnish for desserts, fruit salads & more. Try sprinkling them on ice cream, frosted cakes & cupcakes, etc.

These crystals can be ground (using a mortar & pestle, spice grinder or two spoons) into smaller crystals or powder (which will have a lighter color). Once in smaller particles, they can be used to rim cocktail glasses for extra color & flavor.

For desserts, pair them with flavors like cream, chocolate, fruit (especially berries, citrus fruit & melons), brandy, yogurt, tea (green or black), basil (try them with Basil Herb Crystals™), cardamom, and/or coconut. They will also work with some savory dishes (when their sweetness works with the balance of the rest of the dish) - try pairing them with lamb!

Though they won't really impart flavor, they can also be put on top of cookies or folded into cookie dough before baking for decoration.

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