Mediterranean Pine Nuts

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Mediterranean pine nuts are seeds extracted from between the scales of the Italian stone pine (pinus pinea). They have a complex flavor that is buttery & nutty with hints of spice and resin.  Italian stone pine nuts have a thinner tube shape and a flavor that is more delicate & harmonious than the rounder Chinese pine nuts found in most grocery stores.

Turkish pine nuts are a more affordable alternative to highly prized Italian pine nuts. Since they’re from the same variety of pine tree, they offer a similar flavor and appearance.


Store Mediterranean pine nuts in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.


To awaken their full flavor, pine nuts are often toasted in a dry skillet or frying pan before use. Because of their rich oil content, they burn easily, so keep a close watch on them and toss them occasionally. Toast them just until they are lightly browned and release a nutty aroma.

Besides being a delicious snack, pine nuts can be used in a huge variety of sweet and savory dishes. Their most famous application in the US is probably as part of traditional pesto sauces. In addition being used as a pasta sauce, pesto is also a delicious condiment for sandwiches, poultry, pizza and seafood dishes.

Beyond pesto, try tossing pine nuts in salads, adding them to rice dishes (especially pilafs), and adding them to sauces for meats, pasta, fish or poultry.

The dessert applications for pine nuts are almost limitless. They can be used in tarts, cakes, pastry fillings, cookies (especially short bread) brittles, ice cream, etc. Try pairing them with fruit, buttery baked goods, cream, vanilla, and/or mascarpone cheese.

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