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Hibiscus flowers (aka roselle flowers) are used in many countries around the world in the production of various beverages. They are a natural source of high amounts of vitamin C and anthocyanins, and are a (mild) natural diuretic.


Store hibiscus blossoms in air-tight containers away from light & moisture.


Rinse hibiscus flowers with cold water prior to use.

Hibiscus blossoms are most often used to use a hot or cold beverage commonly known as agua de Jamaica.

Agua de Jamaica Recipe - includes hibiscus cocktail & cooler recipes

Though traditionally served chilled, it also tastes good hot. For a Jamaican version, add slices of fresh ginger to the boil as well as some rum when finished. Hibiscus flowers can be used as an herbal tea on their own, or blended with other herbals to combine flavors and health benefits.

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Note: Liquids made with hibiscus blossoms can stain fabric.

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