Gray Sea Salt

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Gray salt is unrefined sea salt (aka bay salt). Because its natural mineral and nutrient content remains intact, this coarse salt is a gray off-white color and possesses a far more nuanced salt flavor than heavily refined table salt (which is refined rock salt). Because of its coarse texture, this salt is easier to pinch and measure out. It also melts on the tongue differently than table salt, which further enhances the tasting experience as it releases different flavors.



Store gray sea salt in a cool, dry place.

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Gray sea salt can be used in recipes as you would traditional salt simply to impart a more complex salt flavor, or sprinkled on at the end as a finishing salt for presentation. Sea salt works in sweet applications (particularly with chocolate) in addition to its traditional savory uses. If desired, this salt can also be ground to a finer consistency using a salt mill or grinder.

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