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Honey is a classic sweetener. Its complex flavor is a favorite for sweetening hot drinks and baked goods, but measuring it can be difficult because it is very viscous and easily effected by changes in temperature and humidity. Not only that, but adapting recipes from sugar to honey can be tricky because you are adding extra moisture.

Granulated honey is sugar infused with dark amber honey that has been broken into pin-head sized granules. It is 8-10% honey (the rest is sugar). Though it has honey’s rich flavor, it is easier to pour, easier to store, and easier to measure.


Store granulated honey in a cool, dry place.


Granulated honey can be used to sweeten drinks, baked goods, and marinades as you would use conventional sugar. Some people consider honey to be sweeter than sugar, so you may want to use less granulated honey depending on your taste. Try putting honey granules on the table in a sugar bowl the next time you serve tea or coffee to surprise your guests and loved ones.

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