Fregola Sarda Couscous

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Fregola sarda (Italian couscous) is the Italian version of the grain product thought to have originated in Morocco and now consumed in many countries in the Middle East.  Fregola sarda pearls are much larger than traditional whole wheat couscous grains.  They have a rougher exterior that sauces cling to, and have been toasted for an extra nutty flavor.

The “sarda” in its name refers to Sardinia, the area of Italy where it has become almost a staple since being introduced to the local culture by the Moors.

Fregola pearls can vary quite a bit in color, from a light creamy tan to a very dark brown.  This is a normal result of the toasting process and can provide an interesting mottled appearance on the plate.

Fregola is available in three different sizes:

Small 1/8" in diameter

Medium 3/16" in diameter

Large 1/4" in diameter



Store couscous in an air-tight container in a cool, dry cupboard.

Shelf Life:

At least a year.


To prepare fregola sarda, first rinse it in cold water, then boil it in salted water, a soup, or flavorful stock until tender (this will take up to about 15 minutes, and can vary with size). Drain if not serving in a soup, continue with the rest of your recipe or serve as-is.

Fregula sarda can be tossed with sauce similarly to other pastas (and is often served with clams in tomato sauce). It particularly excels in soups because it maintains its texture in liquids better than many other small pastas. Other uses for Fregula include grain salads, tossing with sautéed vegetables to make pilaf, or serving with white beans in a pasta i fagioli recipe.

Fregula pairs well with most pasta-friendly flavors, but is particularly nice with wild mushrooms.

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