Organic Emmer Flour

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Emmer (Farro) flour brings a sweet and full taste to baking, and is a wonderful alternative to durum wheat flour.

While most high protein flours are also high in gluten, a large portion of Emmer’s protein is of a non-gluten forming variety.  Thus this emmer flour is high in protein (17-19%) while still having a low gluten content.  Though it is still not recommended for gluten-intolerant people, it may be a good alternative flour for people suffering from some wheat allergies.

Because both emmer and spelt are higher root-mass crops than conventional wheat, they draw up more of the soil’s nutritious vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than wheat, creating a more nutritious grain (and thus more nutritious flour).

This farro flour is ground from grain grown on a family farm on the Columbia Plateau of Eastern Washington, which is known for superior quality cereal grain production because of its arid climate and fertile, mineral-rich soils.

We also sell organic spelt flour and whole farro berries.


Please keep emmer flour in an air-tight cool, dry place.


Emmer flour excels when used as the primary flour in pizza crust, pasta, pie doughs, muffins, scones, cookies and crackers.  With practice, it can be used in loaf breads (particularly when substituted for rye).

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