Dried Red Corn

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Dried red corn kernels are white on the inside with pinkish, clay-red colored skins. They have a toasty earthy, sweet flavor & average about ¼” by ¼” in width & length.

In addition to being soaked, then simmered for use as a vegetable in soups or creamed corn, dried red corn can also be ground into red corn meal or red polenta (which will actually be mostly white).


Stored dried red corn kernels in an air tight container in a cool, dry, dark place.


Red corn kernels can be simmered for use in sides, salads, soups, etc. Alternatively you can grind them into red cornmeal or red polenta.

Basic Preparation:

Soak each cup of dried red corn in two cups of water for 2 hours to overnight. Transfer to a pot & boil the water. Reduce the heat & simmer until tender (about 60 minutes).

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