Dried Wild Chanterelle Mushrooms

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Chanterelle mushrooms are one of the more widely known wild mushrooms harvested in North America. These firm textured mushrooms are warm yellow to orange in color, with a trumpet-like cap over a spindly stem. Their aroma and flavor is earthy, nutty, and sometimes slightly fruity.

Chanterelles grow prolifically in the forests of the Pacific Northwest between August and December.  Outside of their season, preserved chanterelles (dried or frozen) allow you to enjoy them year round.

Unlike other dried mushrooms, dried chanterelles reconstitute woody, so they are usually recommended for use in pureed applications such as sauces and soups.

Dried mushrooms are a great value. It takes about 5 pounds of fresh mushrooms to create 8 ounces of dried mushrooms. In addition, they can be shipped much more affordably.



Store dried chanterelle mushrooms in an air-tight container or zip top bag in a cool, dry, dark cupboard.

Shelf Life:

Dried mushrooms will retain their flavor for at least a year, but likely far longer.


Dried chanterelles often reconstitute somewhat woody. For that reason, they are usually ground up or pureed after reconstituting for use in sauces, stews and soups.

Pair chanterelles with flavors like dairy (cream, butter or parmesan cheese), eggs, bitter greens (radicchio, endive), garlic, thyme, chervil, parsley, marjoram, veal, poultry or game meats (especially rabbit).

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