Crystallized Flower Mix

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Crystallized flowers are a beautiful garnish for dessert plates, cakes and pastries. They can also be used to decorate buffet and banquet tables.

This mix contains flowers from some or all of the following varieties.




Rose Petals

Which of the above flower varieties are included & what colors they come in for each order of the mix vary with availability. Contact us if you want to know what’s shipping right now.

The lacquer used in the production of these flowers is FDA Food Grade. It is widely used in the food, candy and confection industries as well as in the pharmaceutical industry as a pill coating. It has been approved by Kosher certifying agencies.

Crystallized roses and rose petals have a uniform thin, but stiff dusting of sugar across their entire surfaces. This lets the natural curves of their beautiful petals take center stage, but lightens their natural coloring.

Crystallized violas pansies have a thicker crust of sugar on their bottoms. Their blossom tops are flat, but have only a clear coating of lacquer on top, allowing their vibrant colors to shine through brightly.



Store crystallized flowers in a cool, dry place.

Shelf Life:

Six months to a year.


Crystallized flower can be used to garnish and add sweetness, color, and crunch to any dish that isn’t wet. They should not be placed in beverages or directly on top of sauces, as their sugar crust will absorb moisture and dissolve.

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