Bomba Paella Rice

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Bomba rice is considered the best variety for making paella, a traditional Spanish dish of simmered rice, saffron, meats, vegetables and shellfish.

Bomba rice is prized for its ability to maintain its body and texture while absorbing large amounts of flavorful broth.  It gets its name from its tendency to expand in width instead of length as it absorbs liquids, developing a round “bomb”-like appearance.

Bomba rice is a variety that takes a lot of extra care, time, and expertise to grow, and as a result had almost gone extinct before chefs rediscovered its superb quality and encouraged its production by paying a premium.

Different short grain rice varieties are suited to different dishes, and neither risotto rice nor sticky rice will produce proper paella. Paella rice varieties remain firm and separate when cooked, without exuding the creamy starch of risotto rice or sticking together like Asian varieties.

This bomba rice is grown in Albufera National Park near the port city of Valencia, which is famous for its paella rice.

*No Chemical Ingredients, Minimally Processed


Store bomba rice in an airtight container in a cool, dark, very dry place.


Bomba Valencia rice can absorb huge quantities of liquid – possibly up to five to six parts liquid to rice, so be sure to have plenty on hand when cooking it.

Bomba rice is traditionally used to make paella.  Paella is a simmered dish of rice, stock, saffron and olive oil with garnishes that can include poultry, seafood, Spanish chorizo and vegetables.  It is traditionally cooked in a wide, very flat pan called a paellera, though a large sauté pan can also be used.

Chicken and chorizo are the most commonly used meat & poultry in paella, but rabbit, pork, snails and duck are also sometimes used. Seafood used in paella can include mussels, langoustines, clams, squid, lobster, and prawns. Vegetables used in paella include artichoke hearts, green peas, tomatoes, garlic, lima beans (butter beans), onions, bell peppers, sweet dried nora chilies, and green beans.

A cup of uncooked bomba rice will result in three or more cups of cooked rice.

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