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Sweet and creamy, almonds are not only delicious, they’re considered by many to be a “super food” – high in vitamin E, fiber, minerals, B vitamins and monounsaturated fat.  Though widely considered a nut, almonds are actually a drupe - almond trees produce fruit rather than nuts - almonds are actually the seed inside the fruits’ stone.

Whole blanched almonds (peeled almonds) are whole almonds that have been briefly blanched, then had their skins peeled off.  Without the skin, almonds are a pale white color and have a somewhat more tender texture.

Whole blanched almonds are a pastry chef favorite – as they can be chopped, ground, or added to baked goods, candies, etc, without imparting the dark brown color and chewier texture of almond skins.  Most grocery stores only carry them as slivered almonds (cut into thin sticks). The whole, more adaptable, version can be much harder to find.


Store almonds in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.


Almonds can be used in both sweet and savory applications. For savory dishes, try pairing them with fine cheeses (especially goat cheeses), fish, crab, lamb, or chicken.

Blanched almonds can be added to dishes whole, chopped, slivered (cut into small sticks), or ground into almond meal. Use them as you would skin-on almonds.

In sweet dishes almonds pair well with other nuts, vanilla beans, most non-tropical fruits, citrus, chocolate and dairy.

Toasting Almonds:

To bring out almonds’ full flavor, we recommend toasting them just before use. Bake them in a 350˚F oven in a single layer until warm and fragrant (7-15 minutes). Nuts scorch easily, so be sure to check on them frequently and shake the pan periodically to redistribute them and promote even toasting.

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