Organic Black Nile Barley Flour

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An ancient crop almost forgotten in the western world, Black Nile barley (aka black barley, purple barley, purple hull-less barley) has continued to be cultivated in North Africa and the Middle East. A nuttier, and far healthier alternative to conventional pearled barley, Black Nile has a striking purple-black color (due to the presence of anthocyanin, a potent antioxidant) not unlike that of Chinese black rice and a chewy texture similar to wild rice.

This USDA organic black/purple barley flour is ground from whole grain black barley. It’s excellent in flat breads, pocket breads, barley pancakes, and Scottish bannocks.

This black barley is grown on a family farm on the Columbia Plateau of Eastern Washington, known for superior quality cereal grains because of its arid climate and fertile, mineral-rich soils.

Barley flour does contain gluten, but in smaller amounts than wheat.


Please keep black barley flour in an air-tight cool, dry place.


Black barley flour can be used in non-rising baking applications such as pancakes, flatbreads, pocket breads, and bannocks. It does not contain enough gluten for bread making as the primary flour, but can be blended with other flours to produce multi-grain baked goods.

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