Black Walnut Pieces

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Black walnuts (Juglans nigra - aka American walnuts) have a bittersweet, almost fruity flavor that is smoother and stronger than common walnuts.  Considered a delicacy, they are often used in baked goods and ice creams.

Black walnut shells are much harder than conventional walnut shells. They are notoriously hard to crack and the kernels of meat inside are difficult to extract once the shells are broken.  Buying black walnuts in pieces means that all that work is already done for you, allowing you to simply enjoy their incredible flavor.


Store black walnuts in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.


Like other nut varieties, black walnuts are often toasted before being used in baked goods. Use them as you would conventional English walnuts, though you may want to use smaller quantities in some dishes due to their stronger flavor.

Black walnuts excel in baked goods, ice cream, fudge and other desserts. They can also be used in breads and savory dishes. Try stirring them into softened unsalted butter (with sugar, maple syrup or honey if desired) to make a delicious flavored butter for spreading on breakfast baked goods like muffins, waffles, & pancakes (how to make compound butter).

Though they’re most commonly used in sweet applications, black walnuts can also be paired with chicken, fish or pork in savory dishes.

Toasting Black Walnuts:

To awaken their full flavor, briefly toast black walnut pieces in a 325˚F oven until hot & aromatic (about 10 minutes). Nuts scorch easily, so be sure to check on them frequently and shake the pan periodically to redistribute them and promote even toasting.

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