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This natural truffle salt is made by blending Italian sea salt with black summer truffles that have been fast-dehydrated instead of dried. Dehydrating the truffles preserves their flavor and aroma far better than drying them. As a result, this salt is naturally stronger than many other truffle salts on the market. 

The sea salt used is harvested from the salt caves of Emilia Romagna. Salt from this area offers a less salty flavor than most Italian sea salts, competing less with the flavor of the truffles. It is also much less likely to clump, allowing it to be finely ground and packaged without the use of anti-caking agents.

*No Chemical Ingredients.



Store truffle salt in a cool, dry place.

Shelf Life:

Several years


Use truffle salt to finish any dish you want to bring the earthy aroma and flavor of black truffles to. It excels on meats, poultry, pasta, risotto, potato chips (homemade chips recipe) and buttered popcorn.

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