Bison Briskets

6 briskets (approximately 72 lbs.) | Free Shipping

The brisket is a large, fatty cut (though bison briskets are less so) that is typically braised or smoked. It offers excellent flavor at a more affordable price. These are whole briskets comprising both the Point End and Flat portions. They’re very large and are often cut down before cooking. Despite their lower fat content, bison briskets can be prepared similarly to beef ones (though they may cook more quickly).

Bison's flavor is often described as a richer version of beef with just a hint of sweetness. It is not gamey at all, and has a deeper red color and coarser grain than beef.

Like many game meats, bison meat is much healthier than conventional grain-fed beef. Its primary health benefits are its low fat content (less than a third as much fat as similar cuts of beef), lower cholesterol (less than skinless chicken) and high amount of iron. This makes it an ideal red meat choice for those concerned about eating heart healthy food.

* No Chemical Ingredients, Minimally Processed


6 individually vacuum sealed briskets, approximately 12 lbs. each (about 72 lbs.)


  • Whole (Point End & Flat)
  • NAMP#120
  • Free Range
  • Grain Finished
  • No Hormone or Antibiotic Growth Promotants
  • All Natural*
  • Frozen



Store bison briskets in your freezer until you need them, then thaw each one completely before cooking.

Thawing Tips

Bison briskets can be smoked or braised with tender, flavorful results. Because of their lower fat content, they may cook more quickly than beef briskets.

Bison pairs well with bold, rustic flavors like chile peppers, beer, cumin, red wine, rosemary, and sage.

How to Braise Meat

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