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Beeler’s Pure Pork Sliced Slab Bacon

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2 packs (approximately 15 lbs.) | Free Shipping

Beeler’s Pure Pork Sliced Slab Bacon comes from free-range, humanely raised red Duroc pigs, a European crossbreed known for its marbling. The 15 lb. case holds two whole slabs, ends included, fully sliced.
The Beeler family has been raising “the perfect pig” since 1846. Committed to never, ever using hormones, growth promotants, antibiotics and crates, they give their pigs room to root, roam, socialize and express their natural instinctive behaviors. With six generations of expertise, Beeler’s combines Old World animal husbandry and the natural lineage of their pigs with today's sophisticated breeding methodology to produce a product that is wholesome, flavorful, and all-natural.


2 vacuum sealed packs (approximately 15 lbs.)


  • Smoked
  • Sea Salted
  • Sliced
  • Humanely Raised
  • Free Range
  • European Red Duroc Cross Breed
  • No Antibiotics (In Feed or Administered)
  • No Growth Promotants
  • No Gestation Crates
  • No Farrowing Crates


Iowa, US

Store frozen meats in your freezer until you’re ready to use it, then thaw only as much as you plan on cooking.

Thawing Tips

Use Beeler’s Pure Pork Sliced Slab Bacon as you would any bacon for breakfast, as a topping for burgers, or crumbled over salads. Because the whole slab comes sliced, you will have strips of varying length--longer in the slab’s mid-section, shorter at the ends. Use bacon strips to wrap filet mignons, rabbit saddles, chicken breasts or scallops.

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