Zucchini Baskets

10 - 50 pieces
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Zucchini baskets are a unique & visually exciting edible container.  They’re particularly well suited to serving long & thin vegetables and cut vegetable pieces.  A selection of julienned veggies is included with each.

These edible baskets are hand-carved from zucchini.  They are semi-circular with a single handle in the middle.  Beyond their basic shape, they have additional decorative carving to make them more eye-catching by utilizing the contrast between their vibrant green skin and white inner flesh.


Store zucchini baskets in your refrigerator until you’re ready to use them.


Zucchini baskets can be served roasted or steamed. Use them as an edible container when serving other foods.

They can also be used raw as an inedible container.

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