Wild-Caught Wild Boar

Whole Wild Boar

Approximately 30 -70 lbs.
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Product Information



1 vacuum sealed wild boar (weight range approximately 30-70 lbs.)


  • Wild
  • Humanely Caught
  • Hormone & Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotic Free
  • Choose Skin & Head Off or Skin & Head On
  • All Organs Removed
  • Frozen
  • USDA Inspected



Shipping Limitations:

Ships 1-4 weeks after ordering.


Planning on holding a special event and looking for party food that will really make a splash? Whole wild boars provide a large quantity of food and a wide variety of cuts for your guests to choose from.

Wild boar’s flavor is slightly sweet and nutty from its diet of foraged nuts and other foods from the forest. Although similar to domestic pork and farm-raised wild boar, wild-caught boar has a deeper color, leaner texture, tighter grain, and bolder taste. It is also leaner than domestic pork.

Food & Wine Magazine has called our wild boar “the ultimate sustainable meat” – read the full article.  Unlike much of the Wild Boar on the market today, ours isn’t farm-raised—it’s truly wild, trapped in the Texas Hill Country.

We offer whole wild boar on a special-order basis.

Head & Skin On or Off:
Whole wild boar can be ordered with the skin & head off or with the head & skin (scalded) left on.  You will need to specify your choice at time of ordering.

How to Order Whole Wild Boar:
Wild boar ship weights range from 30 to 70lbs.  When placing your order you will need to specify a target weight, and will be charged a deposit of $9/lb for that weight. 
In general we are able to come very close to target weights.  Whole wild boars are trapped to order, and will take 1-4 weeks to ship.

Contact us to set up your order.

Price Adjustment at Time of Shipment:
At time of shipment, the actual weight of the boar will be compared to your target weight. 

While we tend to stay very close to target weights, these wild boars are truly wild, not farm raised, so there is likely to be at least a little variance.

If the ship weight of the boar is under the target you paid for, you will be refunded $9/lb. for the difference. 
If the ship weight is above your target weight, you will be charged an additional $4.50/lb. for the added weight.


Whole wild boar should be kept frozen for storage, then thawed completely before cooking.

Thawing Tips


Whole wild boar can be spit roasted or used in your next Luau. Of course, you can also break it down yourself into a variety of different cuts. 

How to Break Down a Whole Wild Boar Video Tutorial
Wild Boar Recipes

Recommended Cooking Temps:
The USDA recommends that all wild-caught game be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

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